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2014 TransComm Skills Contest

​​​​​2014 TransComm Skills Contest

Congratulations to the winners of TransComm's 2014 skills contest. Awards were presented at the 2014 TransComm meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. Below are the winning entries

Division 1: Excel Awards
With a Consultant: Utah
Without a Consultant: North Carolina

Division 2: Publications (Print and Electronic)
Internal Newsletter: Indiana
External Newsletter: California
Annual Report: North Carolina
Best of the Rest: Wyoming​
Division 3: Advertising
TV Commercial or PSA, with a Consultant: New M​exico
TV Commercial or PSA, without a Consultant: North Carolina
Radio Advertisement, with or without a consultant: Mississippi
Indoor or Outdoor Advertising: Maryland SHA
Ads, Print and Electronic: North Carolina​
Division 4: Special Events
Transportation Events: Washington State
Public Awareness Events: Kansas
Division 5: Video Production
Internal Video Production: Tennessee
External Video Production: Virginia 

6: Writing
News Release: Arizona
Published Article with a DOT Byline: Michigan
Division 7: Issues and Crisis Management Communication
Crisis Management Communication: Virginia
Public Involvement Approach: Michigan
Division 8: Graphic Design
Logo: Florida
Illustration: Washington State
Photo: Oklahoma
Display: California
Info-Graphics: Minnesota
Interactive Presentation: Iowa

Divisi​on 9: Website and Technology
Website, with consultant: Colorado
Website, without consultant: Rhode Island
Mobile Web Application: North Dakota
Division 10:
Best Micro-blog: Washington State
Best Use of Single Social Media Platform: Michigan
Best Use of Social Media in a Campaign: Maryland SHA
Best Blog: Arizona
Best Video Channel: Ar​izona

Division 11: Individual Awards
Founder's Award: No award given this year​
PR Pro of the Year: No award given this year​
Special Rec​ognition Award: No award given this year​